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Phil Gee, one of Australians leading cameleers puts on a wild camel training school each year for those who would like to learn more about camel training and behavior.
Now Phil has made-up an exceptional one hour training video for those of us who can't make it to Australia to addend one of his hands on camel training clinics.



Camel Cush

Now available on DVD!!

Just released - The Philip Gee Camel Handling and Training Method
(63 mins, pal/ntsc).

Using trust-training techniques Philip puts his immense experience to work with spectacular results in this video. Beginning with a young and untouched wild desert camel, Philip demonstrates how to win a camel's trust and then its co-operation.
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You'll never think of camels in the same way again. This training video contains potent demonstrations of instructed principles, a mixture of ideas that are as simple as they are effective and a welcome down-to-earth outback Australian style. This video is much needed by camel owners and enthusiasts in the west and is essential viewing for those wanting to begin with camels.

Produced by Kamahlfilm

US$55.00 (postage included). Australian buyers have reduced postal rates.
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Philip Gee

Philip Gee
Philip Gee

Philip is one of Australia's most experienced camelmen. He has a lifetime of experience with hundreds of trained camels to his credit and over 30,000 kilometres of desert trekking experience.

Using trust-training techniques Philip puts his immense experience to work with spectacular results.

Camel Hobble

Year 2007 camel training forum
Annual camel training and handling workshop
with Philip Gee

(July 24 - 30 , 2007)
(Year 2008 Forum dates to be advised)
A must for pending camel owners and invaluable for existing owners seeking to understand camel training for the first time. All enquiries and/or bookings can be made by ringing 08 8672 3268 (or if ringing from outside Australia +61 8 8672 3268) or via email:

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Viewer Reviews:
It's been a long time coming and now Phil Gee has come up with a fantastic video to help us train, and understand what a tamed or untamed camel is thinking. This video is sure to help anyone who works with camels or wants a better understanding of them. Phil explains the concept of "winning the head" in those first few minutes as being critical, never allowing the camel to pull away in the early days and establishing a work ethic.
After watching this video I now have a much better understanding of how a camel thinks, and I have learned some new training techniques; one of which is training a camel to cush by tickling them, these two things alone would have made it worth the price of the video to me! But this video goes far beyond that and is a must for any camel owner.
I think that the video will save a lot of camels a lot of anguish from handlers that have a poor understanding about what is actually going on in the camel's head. This is a nice contribution of the video to the welfare of domestic camels in general and I am quite happy for that

Roger Berry

Thank you! I am new to camels, I had my doubts about what I had got my self into, after viewing phils video I had a better understanding of how my camel thinks. He has great training methods that are easy to learn, and most of all easy on your camel friend.

Thanks to your video our baby camel learned to koosh in one day! No ropes or force, just a tickle stick. I love your methods!
Lisa Jeansonne, Wisconsin, USA