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Texas Camel Drive Page-II
Texas Camels 2006
Sesquicentennial Camel Drive

From Indianola Texas to Camp Verde Texas May 19th - June 3rd


Hold your horses, the camels are on the move!

The Texas Camels

Doug Baum, Texas Camel Corps owner organized this modern day Texas Army Camel Reenactment following in the footsteps of the camel's landing at the Indianola port and traveling to Camp Verde 150 miles away. Traveling along with him is Jim Hale of the American Camel Company and Gil Tafolla whose great-great grandfather worked with the US Army camels. was also there documenting the first 5 days of this fantastic event.
A special thanks goes out to the good people of Texas who helped along the way!

Camel Running Camel Running          Camel Running                     Camel Running
Friendly camels and people make for an enjoyable journey.