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Texas Camels 2006
Sesquicentennial Camel Drive

From Indianola Texas to Camp Verde Texas May 19th - June 3rd


Hold your horses, the camels are on the move!

The Texas Camels

Imported during the Pierce administration of the 1850's under then Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, more than 100 camels called Texas home. The US military utilized the camels on numerous road and boundary survey expeditions for packing supplies through the arid Southwest before, during and after the Civil War. Now 150 years latter a group of modern pioneers with 6 camels follow in there footsteps from were the camels first set shore at Indianola and traveled over two hundred miles to reach Camp Verde.

Camel Running Camel Running          Camel Running                     Camel Running
Beautiful and friendly camels make it an enjoyable journey.