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Pushkar Camel Fair.
Last day of the fair
Where did all the Camels go?

During the last few days of the Pushkar Camel Fair
most of the camels and tourists have gone.


For me it was a sad thing looking around with so few camels left

Pushkar, India

At this years camel fair in Pushkar 13,000 camels showed up, a few thousand horses and a few thousand cattle too. Camel men had to herd their camels for hundreds of miles down the roads to attend the largest camel event in the world. On the last few days of the unusual event there are thousands of camels headed back out on the roads in all directions form Pushkar. In just 2 days the number of camels will drop from 13,000 to about 3,000. It's kind of sad going out there and seeing so few camels left, but on the flip side it's quite a sight seeing thousand of camels, some pulling carts going through town and down the roads.

Camel Running Camel Running          Camel Running                     Camel Running
The government pays some camel men to stay longer with their camels.
This was one of the few left and also one of the best decorated camels.