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Camel Market India
Bikaner India 2005
Loading Up Camels at Market

Hundreds of working camels arrive and depart every day


Life seems much slower and simpler around the camel men

Only in India

Thousands of camels are working each day as the camel men drive their carts throughout the city. In this way of life they find many ways to use camels being that they are so inexpensive and user friendly. Here in Bikaner there are caravans of camels arriving at the market each morning to haul goods through the city and countryside.
The market is very active as business men are bidding on newly arrived produce and the camel carts are being loaded and unloaded. Laborers are busy scoping up peanuts among other things with old pans and buckets to fill up the sacks being loaded on the carts. There are also a few oxen pulling carts but they can only handle a one ton load whereas a camel can handle a two ton load.

Camel Running Camel Running          Camel Running                     Camel Running
It was always joyful and pleasant around the camel men.

Dancing Camel India Wedding