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A Wedding in India
Bikaner India 2005
Palace Wedding Festivities

Riding a beautiful Indian horse with dancing camels leading the procession


The procession slowly proceeds to the palace gates

Only in India

The wedding procession slowly works its way down the quarter mile entrance to the palace gates. Dancing camels are leading the way, followed by the band and over a hundred dancing guests. The groom is surrounded by cheerful people as hes rides along on a highly decorated and beautiful Indian horse. Along each side women carrying elaborate electric lights as the celebration draws closer to the palace. Reaching the palace one of the camels starts dancing and doing a special performance for everyone to enjoy.
The groom cuts through the ceremonial ribbon at the palace gates as the celebration moves into the elaborately decorated courtyard, there are hundreds of delightful exotic foods and drink for all. The grooms father is a fantastic host, with over four hundred guests attending he finds time the to show me around explaining what some of the foods are and making sure Im happy.
A special thanks goes out to the friendly people of India who made me feel right at home!

Camel Running Camel Running          Camel Running                     Camel Running
Dancing camels and people celebrate in the wedding procession.

Dancing Camel India Wedding