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Camel wings
India is the land of wonders and a photographers dream! So come along and enjoy viewing the charming peaceful beauty of this land with its camels, elephants and fun loving people.
A true adventurer takes you along with him to live out his remarkable stories and photos as he travels around the world to far-off places in search of extraordinary animal events.

Elephants in Japuir. Elephants in Japuir
Riding Elephants around the Amber Fort: The people here are so friendly, you can just walk into places where animals are kept without being chased out and having someone yell about trespassing. I think there's just more common since being used and no lawyers around looking for lawsuits.
Camel Cart. Jaipur India Page-I
Driving my camel cart down the streets of Jaipur: In some parts of the city camels have been band during certain times of the day. In a few years they may not even be permitted in the city.
Ox Cart Jaipur India Page-II
Viewing Jaipur from the back of a camel cart: Going at the nice slow pace of a camel can be a most excellent way to see parts of Jaipur, your up high and have a full view of your surroundings.
Working Camel Working Camels
On the Road Between Bikaner and Jaipur: Hundreds of camels travel this road daily, you can expect to see camel caravans hauling huge bags bulging over the sides of their carts, others will be hauling wood and all kinds of other things.
Camel Caravan Camel Caravan
The Working Camels of India: Entering the city of Bikaner in the late evening this large camel caravan passes by, the camel men are high up on top of these huge loads keeping an lazy eye on their beast of burden as they follow the ones in front of them.
Dancing Camels Bikaner, India Wedding
Dancing camels leading the wedding procession: Four dancing camels, a band, hundreds of dancing people and the groom riding atop a beautiful horse slowly make their way up to the palace gates.
Camel Market Bikaner, Camel Market
Camels hauling goods to market: Each morning caravans of camels can be seen headed down the main roads to market. Throughout the day hundreds of camels will enter and exit the market with their carts fully loaded.
Pushkar Camel Pushkar Camel Fair
Before the fair starts: Getting to the famous Pushkar Camel Festival over a week early there are thousands of camels already there and thousands more are arriving daily from every direction
Pushkar Camel Pushkar Camel Fair
Riding my camel around: The people here are so friendly and so are the camels as I ride around on camel back exploring the wonders the place has to offer. I also showed them some photos of my animals which impressed them a lot!
Pushkar Camel Pushkar Camel Fair
13,000 Camels: The real camel action starts about a week before the fair does and a good way to see it is from the back of a camel as you ride around. After that you can walk back to the places of interest.
Racing Camel Pushkar Racing Camels
Test-driving a Racing Camel: Looking to buy a fine racing camel a interested buyer takes one out for a test ride racing it up and down the path. The camel behaves beautifully as it stops, turns and runs in the opposite direction a few times.
Pushkar Camel Pushkar Camel Fair
The last day of the fair: Most of the camels have left days ago as I ride around high upon my fine dromedary camel. Huge crowds of people have been quickly gathering over the past few days for their holy pilgrimage during this full moon.