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Jaipur Elephants
Jaipur India 2005
Elephants around the Amber Fort

Riding my elephant down the streets of Jaipur


This is what I call having fun!

Only in India

In the old part of town on the fringe Jaipur, and also across from the Amber Fort is where they keep elephants, I sure had some fun here with the Elephants. There were also Water Buffalos that came swimming out of the Water Palaceís lake and passed within a few feet of me as they came ashore heading into the village. I arrived after dark to one of the places were elephants are bedded down for the night, I was told by my autorickshaws driver that it was alright to go in and touch the elephants, no one there even batted an eye or paid much attention to me as they went about their business cooking some type of bread for the elephants.
People sure are friendlier and easier going when there arenít a lot lawyers around looking for lawsuits. Common sense goes a long ways here!

Camel Running Camel Running          Camel Running                     Camel Running
Iím moving to India and becoming a elephant handler.

India Elephant Indian elephant