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Here we have Bactrian camels, Dromedary camels and F1 Hybrid camels, some of the cutest on the internet. I think anyone who has ever raised a baby camel would agree that they are extremely fun and marvelous animals.
Baby camels are very playful, smart and will keep you laughing as they get into everything. They need companions and toys to play with. It can be very hard not to play with them yourself, but remember, they grow up to become very big.


Racing Camels
Racing Camels
Camel Racing in the Middle East

Young Camel Jockeys

Young boys racing camels in Kuwait, This is very controversial topic that we're not going to get into. Instead, check out the beauty of these magnificent camels running at full speed, notice that all 4 feet are coming off the ground as these racing camels fly through the air pushing their way towards the finish line.
Camels Racing
Racing Camels

Thoroughbred Racing Camels are first put through their paces when they are about two years old. Initially the animals are trained to obey basic commands issued by the jockey. Then, a crucial two-kilometer gallop decides which have the ability for racing. To help build their stamina, the camels are made to run certain distances every day, which varies in proportion to their age. Camel

The Racing Camel

There are two main breeds being raced, the Omani and Sudania which differ in color - the Omani being very light and the Sudania more of a tan color. Traditionally, a racing camel was fed on dates, honey, alfalfa, milk and seeds. They were never allowed to drink the day before a race and were prevented from feeding for the 12 hour prior to a race. With this type of saddle the jockey sits behind the camel's hump.
Race Camel

Desert Racing

In the Thar Desert of Rajasthan there is a wildly eccentric flavor to desert camel racing which makes it a particularly entertaining sport to watch. Camel races are not staged for tourists; there are few more memorable sights than a dozen camels lurching crazily at high speed across the open sands toward the finishing line

Camel Racing
You will notice that the jockey sits in front of the hump.

Dromedary Racing Camel Dromedary Baby Racing Camels
Camel-racing, a traditional sport, is extremely popular in the Emirates.
It was originally staged in an informal setting, at weddings or special festivals,
but now customized tracks have been built throughout the country where race
meetings are held in the winter months from October to April, culminating in the
annual camel race festival at Al Wathba which attracts entrants from all over the world.

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Racing camels top speed 40 mph. Can run at 18 mph for one hour or 7 mph for up to 18 hours. In the Gold Cup that was recently run at Nad al-Shiba, the winning camel covered the 10 kilometers in 17 minutes and seven seconds (6.21 miles, averaging 21.76 mph). Because camels' humps store fat-not water- lean, streamlined racing camels have very small, almost vestigial, humps. Compared to an ordinary, run-of-the-desert camel, a racing camel looks like an enormous over-tall greyhound.