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This is by no means a complete listing of all camel types and breeds, it is only a start! More will be added as the information comes in.
Anyone who has information about other breeds or photos and information about any of the breeds listed here, please send us an email.

Type Region Use Body Features Coat Color Comments Photo
Arab (Kabadish) Darfur, Kordofan Pack Heavy, large hump Shout, sandy gray    
Anafi NE Sudan Ridding Light, leggy, small hump White or golden Fast racing camel, bred for speed rather than for stamina  
Adrar Adrar des Iforas Ridding Moderate hump Short gray    
Benadir S Somalia Pack Larg (500-550 kg) White    
Berabish NW Timbuktu Pack Medium size, strong, heavy Long hair, brown    
Bikaneri Bikaner India Multipurpose Heavily built. Long hair on eyebrows, eyelids and ears Varies Varies from dark brown to blackish brown or reddish brown.  
Bishari NE Sudan Ridding Strong than Anafi Light One of the best riding camels, excellent feeding  
Dolbahanta E Somalia Pack Slow, large hump   Largest of Somali camels  
Feallahi Egypt Pack Large, heavy, large hump White or sand colored    
Gandiol Senegal Pack Large, heavy      
Guban N Somalia Pack Very hardy Sparse reddish Smallest of Somali camels  
Jaisalmeri Jaisalmer India Riding, Racing Lightly built, small hump Light Brown Lean and thin, short hairs on body, speed is about 30Km/hr.  
Kachchhi Kachch India Good milker Heavy built, dull in appearance Dark sandy to blackish brown Strong hindquarters, heavy legs, hard and thick pads.  
Maghrabi Egypt, Iba, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco Pack Slow, sturdy Long hair, brown    
Manga N&W Lake Chad Pack Heavy, unfit for desert      
Marwari Jodhpur India Multipurpose Heavy built, thick set of long muscular legs   Capable of performing heavy agricultural work  
Mewar South-central Rajasthan Multipurpose Short and light in weight Coarse thick hair Strong hindquarters, heavy legs, hard thick pads, can climb small hills  
Mowalled Egypt Farm and desert work     The most common in Egypt (Crossbred between Maghrabi & Feallahi)  
Mudugh N Somalia Pack Medium, small hump Twany Fit for work on stony ground, poor milker  
Ogaden NW Somalia Pack Large Pale, nearly white    
Tharparkar Sindh area of Pakistan          
Tibesti Tabesti, S Fezzan Ridding Small, hardy, for stony & sandy soil Long hair, gray, often dark Smallest riding camel of Africa  
Sahel (Mehari) Sahel Riding Large, slender, small hump Fawn    
Sheckawati (bagri) Jhunjhunu Rajasthan Pack and cart pulling Heavily built large frame   Resemble Bikaneri breed but have lesser endurance  
Sindhi Sindh Pakistan Multipurpose Heavy, short with small curved thick neck Reddish color Sure footed, can walk in marshy land without slipping