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Welcome to the world of camel saddles. Camel saddles have been used on camels for thousands of years with very little change. There are dozens of different types, some used for packing, riding or pulling carts and wagons. Here you will have a chance to learn about a few of them.
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Racing Camel
This beautiful racing camel has a smaller, lighter weight type of Bedouin saddle on his back. The pommels (saddle horns) are closer together offering the jockey a safer ride.
Bedouin Saddle
Bedouin camel saddles like this are made by the family members. The saddle is a simple wood frame which rests on a canvas saddle blanket to protect the camel
Steel Camel Bosal Nylon Camel Bosal

Camel nose peg
Various camel saddles

Here are three styles of camel riding saddles showing some of the different ways they are made. The one on the left has fold up legs, the center one is a very common type and the right one is a Bedouin type. These types of saddles do not fit the larger camels found in Australia or America.

Camel Saddles
On the left is the simple Bedouim camel saddle frame made out of wood and rawhide with a leather pad on top. The metal used on these saddles is for decoration purposes only. The saddle frame on the right can hold two people. It is commonly used by nomads trading between the Sind province in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pads are placed under it to fit the camels back.
Bedouin Camel Saddle Dromedary Saddle
Web Camel Halter Rope Camel Halter

Chain Camel Halter
Arabian Camel Saddle

Arabian camel saddles are often adorned with brilliant colors. Saddle bags fringed with tassels are hung down each side of the camel and can be used for transporting goods and personal possessions. On some occasions the camel may be decorated with necklaces, chest bands, knee covers, a fanny pack over the hind quarters and drapes hung from their camel's shoulders. For more photos, see the Historic Camel Photos page.
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