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Camel wings
There are many different types of camel saddles in use throughout the world these days. Here you can see photos and get information about some of the modern types that are bring used on camels.
As a camel grows older it will change in size and usually go through 3 different sizes of saddles in its life span, this is why you will often see saddles that are too narrow for the camel. They outgrew them!


Modern Camel Saddle
This is a very well made one seat camel saddle with a deep forward seat over the camel's front shoulders giving the rider exceptional stability and control over the camel. The back of the saddle is set up for packing large amounts of supplies for those long treks into the outback.

Camel Saddle
Here is a well made padded camel saddle with two seats offering a conferrable ride for the riders and camel alike. The center of it sits just above the camel's hump with a thick pad resting on the camel's flank and two pads on the front shoulders. This type of camel saddle is excellent for tourist rides.

Most people have to make their own camel saddles. Camels come in all different sizes, some have small humps, and others may have large humps and a small body or wide shoulders. When looking for a camel saddle you will find all different types and stiles that work well, a lot will depend on what the camel will be used for. The saddle below is a simple one seat camel saddle with the leather seat running from the front bars to the rear bars.
Camel Saddle Camel Saddle

Camel Saddle
Here you can see the large rear flank pad and two front shoulder pads on the underside of the camel saddle. Notice the leather seat and lacing where the rider sets, this saddle is built for two riders with the leather seat extending from the rear bar, middle bar, and front bar which makes for a nice low fit over the camel's hump.

Dromedary Camel Saddle

Fork Camel Saddle
This is a simple two seat Dromedary camel saddle that works quite well. You can see how the leather seats are hung like hammocks between the 3 bars with leather lacing holding the sides out making for a simple and light weight saddle.