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Camel wings
The Two Stick and The Four Stick Camel Saddle found in Kenya, Somalia and surrounding areas are a very simple saddle to make. With some rope, a few sticks and a little padding you can have a saddle put together in a matter of minuets.
Out in these remote areas they have to be self efficient when it comes to the making of a camel saddle or doing repairs to one. There are no machine shops, hardware stores or lumber yards where they get the materials needed for one.


4-Stick Camel saddle

Typically there are three thick pads placed over the camels back and then one or two pair of sticks are added crossing over the withers and bound in position with a rope passing under the chest and belly or tail.
2-Stick Camel Saddle

The two stick camel saddle is the type more typically used in Kenya and Somalia. These types of saddles can not handle the heavy loads that an Arabian saddle would and require more skill when rigging up so as not to heart the animal.
Four Stick Camel Saddel From Kenya Two Stick Camel Saddle From Kenya. Photo By Susanne Grund

2-Stick Riding saddle

By adding a pad to the top it becomes a simple riding saddle
Two Stick Camel Riding Saddle

Four Stick Camel Ridding Saddle
4-Stick Riding Saddles

Adding a pad to the top of the four stick saddle it becomes a riding saddle that can also hold more baggage and supplies than that of the two stick type.
Four Stick Camel Ridding Saddle