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Welcome and come along with us to experience some amazing Camel and Zebra camping adventures as we travel deeply into the hart of the remote and wild backcountry.
A true adventurer takes you along with him to live out his remarkable stories and photos as his real life adventures unfolds, you will feel like you're there by his side.

Dandy The Zebra Out Camping. Manzana & Sisquoc Rivers 4-3-03 Part-1
The Great Camel Camping Adventure: On this wilderness trip you will have the time of your life, as we go exploring in search of the old homesteads deeply hidden in remote river canyons and fool around in flourishing meadows abundant in stunning wild flowers.
Gobi, Camel and Dandy, Zebra out Camping. Hurricane Deck 4-10-2003 Part-II
of The Great Camel Camping Adventure: Come along with us exploring rough mountain trails traversing through narrow canyon passes, cross scenic raging rivers as we climb up to the picturesque views of Hurricane Deck.
Camel and Zebra Camping. Over The Hurricane Deck 5-8-2003 Part-III
The Great Camel Camping Adventure Continues: I had such a fabulous time exploring this rugged backcountry, I decided to come back a month later and push deeper into its interior. Packing with two horses, a camel and a zebra I got started out on another exciting three week adventure over The Hurricane Deck.
Camel and Zebra Camping. South Fork Cabin 5-15-2003 Part-IV
of The Great Camel Camping Adventure: We take it easy enjoying ourselves, there's no hurry out here in this beautiful wildness. We spend plenty of time lounging around camp, basking in the warmth of the sun. Life is meant to be enjoyed; this is what it's all about, fun and enjoyment.
Camel and Zebra Camping. Sierra Madre 11-15-2002:
Is that your camel behind you? No, then where is your camel? What do you say about coming along to enjoy this next trip with us? We are heading up into the Sierra Madre Mountains, don't forget to bring your camel along!
Camel and Zebra Camping Pine Mountain 4-25-2002:
Ok, so now you know how much fun it is camping with a camel, so saddle up your camel and come along, your always welcome on another fantastic camel camping trip. The mountains are where were handed this time, so hang on tight it's a steep rocky trail up ahead and we will be on our way.
Camel and Zebra Camping Sespe River 1-18-2002:
Do you know how much fun it is camping with a camel? It's so much fun!! If you don't believe me then saddled up your camel and lets go for a ride. Seeing is believing and that's where were handed, so hang on and lets get started packing down the Sespe River.