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Camel wings
Welcome to even more Spoild Camels. Now remember the big question is can a camel be too spoiled or are they just more comfortable than some of their other friends.
We are going to take a closer look and try figure this one out. I just want you to remember that in some countries camels are very loyal hard workers and deserve a litte TLC at times.

Is This a Spoiled Camel?

  Time to cool off

After a long 5 days of traveling in the hot desert over blistering sand a camel can get dehydrated and have to stop for a drink of water and a rest. How does a spoiled camel do this, they just hop in a swimming pool and rest under the shade of palm trees.
  Gobi using the restroom

If you see a camel using a public restroom, you may have just found a SPOILED CAMEL. But at least this guy uses the sink when he's done.
  Gobi in the old school house

When you turn your back on your camel and he sees the cabin door wide open. He makes a mad-dash for it, jumping through the door. As you walk around on the outside your camel walks around from window to window looking out at you.
This could very well be A SPOILED CAMEL
  Gobi won't come out

When your out camping, your camel won't come out of the cabin and just stands there looking out the door at you. Looking back at him you can tell he thinks it's his cabin and he's not going anywhere, besides it's too hot outside and there are too many flies. Yes this could be a badly SPOILED CAMEL!
Finally after a long day of playing around it's
time to relax and enjoy the comforts of a good home!