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Camel wings
Here is the big question, can a camel be too spoiled or are they just more comfortable and having more fun than most of the others out there.
I think they are just more comfortable and enjoying life to the fullest as we all should do. You can learn a lot form a camel!

Is This a Spoiled Camel?

  Testing my new mattress

Okay, I need to give my new mattress a thorough checking out. With these two big humps on my back I wouldn't want to get a back ache. First is the jumping test to check the padding quality.
  This may do

This seems pretty good, very comfortable, although a little small. I thought that I was getting a king size and it would have been nice if it had one of those fancy padded tops.
  One more test

This is my mattress, you guys go find your own because I'm not going to share it with you; That spoiled zebra wants all of my things.
  This is my mattress

Yes, I think this will do very nicely, it passes the neck test with flying colors and it did pretty well on the jumping test too.
  Gobi resting on his mattress

Finally after a long day of mattress testing it's time to relax and enjoy the comforts of a good home

PS. Anyone interested I a slightly used mattress.