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Camel wings
Welcome to one of the largest collations of old historic camel photos on the internet. These old photos come from allover the world and are restored before being posted for everyone to enjoy and learn from.
It has taken years to collect all of these often one of-a-kind photos with countless hours and money invested. We have hundreds of more yet to be restored, So check back often to view the latest.

Camel in NYC Camels of America

Old historic photos of camels in America around the late 1850's to early 1950's The majority of the camels around this time were Bactrian camels and could be seen in zoos and circuses across the US. Here we have been building up quite a collection of old camel photos with the hope that you will enjoy them and learn a little something in the process.
Camel pulling Wagon Camels of Australia

In Australia they really revolutionized they way camels could be used, camel teams of up to 10, 20 or even more pulling massive 10 ton wagons across the wastelands of the outback. Here you can view some of these old photos of camels packing heavy timbers, pulling massive wagons, buggies and carts. It is truly amazing what camels were being used for in this waste land!
Baggage Camel Camels of Mongolia, China and India

Beautiful historic camel photos and postcards showing camels in the everyday service of humans pulling wagons, packing goods and being ridden in remote regions throughout China, Mongolia and India. The camel is truly a incredible beast of burden that has earned its recognition in history!
Camel wagon Camels of Central Asia and Russia

In the freezing hostile regions of Russia and parts of Upper Asia, the Bactrian camels were put to work pulling large wagons and loaded with supplies. With the temperature dropping far below zero, the Bactrian camels are well suited for this harsh clement and could work in conditions that no other large beast of burden could.
Dancing on a Camel Camels of The Middle East

Historic Camel Photos from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and surrounding areas. A large collection of old camel photos showing how this noble beast-of-burden has served man for thousands of years, from the fastest of racing camels to slowest of plowing fields.
Camel pulling water cart Camels of Africa

Old camel photos from other parts of the world like Africa are far more common and in some cases more interesting with all of the different things camels were being used for. We came up with a good collation of these photos from all over northern Africa to please your curiosity and expand your insight on these amazing animals.
War Camels Camels of War

Weapons of Mass Destruction? The War Camel.
Military camels have been used in tribal wars, WWI, WWII and other wars, but how many people know about these noble beasts that have served man faithfully. Here is a superior collection of old photos showing these war camels..
Camel Stereo Photo Camel Stereo Photos

Historic 3D Stereo photos of camels from all over the world with large photos can be viewed in stereo by aid of a stereo viewer. With practice, some people can view these photos in stereo without the aid of a stereo viewer.
Camel Stamp Camel Stamps of The World

Camel postage stamps from all over the world show a rich history of all the different ways camels were being used in numbers cultures. Here you will see how camels have been honored by different nations in the form of beautiful stamps.