Donít be taken by the SCAMMERS

There has been a lot of scams going out to classified ad pages lately. If someone sends you an email make sure to get their phone number and where they live, give them a call and find out something about them. If you get an email with the word "advert" in it, itís a scam. The same with this (camel) this is the same as (insert name here) itís a pre-made email where they only have to change the item name and send it to you. If they say they have arranged for transportation, will send you a certified check or money order and have their shipper pick it up, guess what, itís a scam.
Below are a few email scams:

Hello seller, I saw your advert and i'm interested in purchasing your (dromedary). I will want you to get back to me with the following infos.if it is still available. 1.It's present condition 2.An updated pics{if any} 3.Your last offer. I will make payment with a money order or check if it is still available.Hope to hear from you in earnest. regards, Frank.

The nursery will sell one of her finest breed of this wounderfull brown 4months old female bactrian baby creature to you for 4000.00dollers she is 4 months old. with recommended charecter,friendly,non aggressive,strong and above all she is registered, and good for riding write back to get pictures Regards

Hello We are we are much interested in your pet advert for the placed out as subjected above . What is your personal lowest total price?. Where is it located at presently? I will need response to these questions so as to proceed with the purchase. Regarding the sale , I have in my consideration a tinme frame to complete the sale so i have arrange a prompt payment for you , in a bid that your payment would be delivered 7workings immediately after i have your details Best Regards,
Robin below wants to buy your camel, boat or whatever:

Hello Seller, I came across your ads during my searching at where it was posted,i'll like you to understand that i've so much interest to buy your 1983 Sears Gamefisher 12 Ft. Boat if still available,i'll like to know the following details..
1) The present condition.
2) why you want to sell it
3) Exact and final price.
4) Send more picture of the camel
5) Let me know the pickup arrangement though i've a reliable shipper who use to take care of my shipment that can come for the pickup.
6) Payment by bank cashier's check will be fine for me. Robin.