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Fantastic camel training articles and information that will help guide you when training your camel, along with high quality photos showing you step-by-step how experienced camel trainers are training camels.
Working with large animals can be dangers and should only be done by experienced personal. There are a few camel training clinics and workshops being offered that are fantastic for learning to work with camels.


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Camel training articles, some of the best on the web:
 Brought to you by all of the good folk that love camels.

    ◊ Training a camel to cush : koosh 15k. By R. Berry

    ◊ Training a camel to ride 15k. By R. Berry

    ◊ Camels Vs Horses 15k. By C. Wright, D.V.M.

    ◊ Halter breaking your camel 14k. By C. Wright, D.V.M.

    ◊ Can't Find Camel Trainer or Books 7k. By C. Wright, D.V.M

    ◊ Handling the Naughty Youngsters 12k. By C. Wright, D.V.M.

    ◊ Camel restraint, for your safety and theirs 11k. By C. Wright, D.V.M.

Other Good Animal training sites:

    ◊ Camel Training Video By Phil Gee

    ◊ Annual camel training and handling workshop with Philip Gee.

    ◊ Clicker Training

Special thanks go out to Charmian Wright, D.V.M. and all of the other good folk that have contributed articles for helping all of us in keeping our camels healthier and happier.