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Camel wings
Camels are very tuff and hearty animals, but like any other animal they still require care and maintenance. The articles here will help in keeping your camels safer and healthier.
It is very important to find a veterinarian that will treat your camel, because when a camel gets sick people often have a hard time finding a veterinarian willing to work on them.

Camel Discussion Groups & Multilingual Chat Rooms:

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Camel health articles, some of the best on the web:
 Brought to you by all of the good folk that love camels.

    ◊ Basic Camel Medicine Tips 14k. By C. Wright, D.V.M.

    ◊ Selenium Deficiency in Camels 11k. By C. Wright, D.V.M.

    ◊ International Veterinary Information Service

    ◊ General Health Articles

 Other Good Animal Health sites that are sure to help:

    ◊ Orphan Camel Calves: First Feed 36k. PDF

    ◊ Camels and Camel Milk

Special thanks go out to Charmian Wright, D.V.M. and all of the other good folk that have contributed articles for helping all of us in keeping our camels healthier and happier.