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Camel saddles, tack, halters and equipment information can be hard to find; here you can view photos and read about the different types and much more.
For more photos and info about camel equipment check out the Historic Photos where you will find richly decorated camel saddles, and unique equipment.

Tuareg Camel Saddle. Tuareg Fork Horn Camel Saddle: Made of leather-covered wood, silver, copper and brass. Much Tuareg art is in the form of jewelry, leather and metal saddle decorations. The Tuaregs are a people of the Sahara, sometimes called the blue men of the desert because the men wear indigo dyed turbans. Traditionally the Tuaregs were nomads, moving with their camels.
Kenya Camel Saddle. Kenya 2 & 4 stick Camel Saddles: In Kenya there was little need for packing heavy loads on camels, and along with their isolation from other societies using camel as beast of burden they developed a different type of saddle, the two stick and the four stick camel saddle.
Modern Camel Saddles. Modern Dromedary Camel Saddles: Modern camel saddles have come a long ways as technology has advanced. Today the saddles are made out of light chrome molly tubing, high density foam padding, nylon webbing along with leather and felt padding. In the past, saddles were made out of iron, wood, leather and grass stuffing.
Egyptian Camel Saddles. Egyptian Type Camel Saddles: The beauty and simplicity of these old hand made Egyptian camel saddles have withstood the test of time and are still use on camels today. There are many different types and styles, some made for riding, others for packing or pulling carts.
Asian Camel Saddles. Bactrian Camel Saddles: There has been very little change in the way Bactrian camel saddles are made. One common type uses two wood poles running along the sides of the humps with ropes holding the ends together. The other common type is a bareback pad with stirrups and sits between the humps.
Camel Halters. Camel Control, Halters, Nose Pegs & Bosals: Witch is the best to use on your camel? A lot will depend on you and your camel. The nose peg gives the most control but you can also have good control with a steel bosal, and some people use nylon bosals or even halters when riding camels. A stick can even be used by some people.
Camel Hobbles Camel Control, Hobbles and Ropes: Now you decided it would be fun to take your camel on a camping trip. How do you tie them up safely keeping them from getting tangled up? Hobbles, highline, long line or some other way. Check out this page to see how others are doing it.
Camel Harnesses Draft Camels & Harness: Camel harnesses can be hard to make and there are many different types being used. Here you will find good photos and info to help you decide which type will work best and how they are made.
Camel Trapping Camel Trappings & Regalia: There are many different styles of camel trappings used throughout the world. Here you will see some richly decorated and very unique designs that have been used throughout history
Camel Saddle How to Make a Saddle: There are many different types and ways of making a camel saddle. Here you can learn a little about how some are made. We have a lot of photos and information on them to help you make your own.