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Camel wings
Steam slowly drifts up from the Sespe hot spring through the cold and damp morning air as camels, zebras and horses enjoy grazing on the tough grasses growing along it's steaming banks.
The Sespe hot springs are located in the Ventura back country, Southern California and it takes one to two days of hard hiking to get there. It is one of the hottest natural springs in America.


Gobi the bactrian camel loves the snow

Gobi loves to go for rides in the snow, he rolls in it, eats it and just has a good old time playing and running around. What could be more fun than taking your camel out in the snow? Maybe taking two out.
Gobi the bactrian camel enjoys the sun rising at the Sespe hot springs

As the early morning's sun is raising over the hills on this cold morning along the Sespe Hot Springs, Gobi enjoys the first rays of sun light as it brakes through the steam.
Gobi the bactrian camel at Sespe hotsprings

At the Sespe Hot Springs Gobi enjoyed a warmth steam bath in the early morning hours; he had a lot of fun playing in the hot water and steam. He also enjoyed drinking the hot water.
Gobi enjoying the steam

Gobi the bactrian camel is enjoying the steam at the Sespe Hot Springs as he keeps an eye on his horse and zebra buddies as they have fun going through the steam and also drinking the warm water on this cold morning.