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Camel wings
Here we have Bactrian camels, Dromedary camels and F1 Hybrid camels, some of the cutest on the internet. I think anyone who has ever raised a baby camel would agree that they are extremely fun and marvelous animals.
Baby camels are very playful, smart and will keep you laughing as they get into everything. They need companions and toys to play with. It can be very hard not to play with them yourself, but remember, they grow up to become very big.

Baby White Dromedary camel @

Baby Dromedary Camel

This is Gabriel, he is a two week old dromedary baby. Often camels are born white and will turn brown as they are growing up. The way you can tell if they will turn brown is that their nose and toes are not pure white. At birth a baby camel will weight only about 90 pounds and it can take a few hours before they are able to stand up.

Baby white Dromedary camel

Snow-white Baby Dromedary

This one has a pure white nose and toes and will stay pure white as he grows up. White camels are becoming a lot more common these days, with their beauty it's not surprising. In foreign countries white camels are a lot more common than in the U.S.A.

Baby Bactrian camel

Purebred Bactrian bull calf

As you can see even as babies, bactrain camels have shorter legs and a heavier built body than Dromedaries camels. Baby male camels are called bull calves. It's not hard to fall in love with such a little beauty like this sweet guy.
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3 Bactrian white baby

White Bactrian Babies

Just take a look at these beautiful white Bactrian baby camels. You can see two of the babies front humps have not yet come up. White Bactrian camels are even more scarce than white Dromedary camels, and these white baby camels will bring a high price.

Spotted Baby Dromedary Camels

Multicolor Camels

Here we have three very adorable Dromedary baby paint camels. As you can see camels do come in all colors, including spotted. These three spotted Dromedary camels are beautiful and I know you just got to have one!!! But why stop there, get all three to go along with your new white baby camel.

Baby F-2 Hybrid Baby Female Camel

F2 Bactrian Hybrid baby

Female baby camels are called heifers. At only 4 weeks old her humps have not yet come up. Hybrids mature more rapidly than other breeds. Baby camels can grow in height at close to an inch a week

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